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Current Role: UX Research Manager at below to see how it all started!

Research has been a part of my life since 2013. However, if it was not for a certain AHA moment that would’ve have been short lived. As a former pre-med, I thought I had my life planned out to a tea! Go to medical school, become an Emergency Medicine Physician & boom #lifegoals. But as a young 23-year-old I soon learned life has a funny way of surprising you. While I was awaiting to start this perfect live I had planned on living the universe hit me with an opportunity that changed the trajectory of my life.

The preparation to apply to Medical School is very very very exhausting. Not to mention the high-level of stress you put yourself under to submit the perfect application. Striving to cultivating that ever so perfect application to “stand out” from the thousands of other applicants. While piecing together my perfect submission, I took a few science prerequisites courses as a post-baccalaureate student at my local college at night. As we all know, college courses are not cheap. So, during the day I landed a job as a Research Coordinator to help pay for my classes. What started as a way to cover my tuition, turned into my passion.

Research plays a much wider role in our lives than most realize. It helps drive business decisions & strategies towards solving real world problems efficiently and effectively. I was able to see that early on & wanted to be a part of that.

I’ve found purpose while working in Research, something I thought I’d find as a Physician. It cuts across cultures, age, gender, socioeconomics you name it.

Aiding in the making a real impact in the development of a new product or service for people to use every day is the real #lifegoals.  

Organized and Efficient

I’ve know Theresa for over five years, and I have always found her to be an astounding individual. She very approachable & thrives in a team environment. She has the ability to be very inclusive & focused on reaching a common goal in an efficient and timely matter. 

Albert G. 


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